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Turning spaces into works of art

From private homeowners to hotels and yachts, clients commission Decorum Est’s wealth of artistry and knowledge to deliver a truly bespoke experience unlike any other in the industry.

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A London based studio creating exquisite interiors using bespoke materials and styles of craftsmanship from around the globe.


Decorum Est offers a unique collection of surface materials from around the world. We take great pride in providing clients with the best quality materials in unique and inspiring combinations from the rarest marble and stone to precious metals, shells and glass.



In collaboration with the most stylish furniture companies in the United Kingdom


A full service in bespoke service for projects that require specialist designers.


A collection of gorgeous surfaces for walls and floors skillfully handcrafted.

For people that seek the rare, the beautiful, and feel the desire to express their individuality by taking the time to choose designs that are both functional and timeless in style.
— Nicola Jones, Decorum Est Director
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Our Projects

Using antique techniques fused with modern technology, Decorum Est’s skilled network of artisans are able to create a whole host of stunning designs in both classic and contemporary styles.


Telling a Story through collaboration

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Private home owner, interior designer, or architect? Get involved in the design concept stage and creative process from the beginning to ensure a collaborative experience with us.


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