paint effects

House of Fun

During a dry, deprived and dismal January, what better way to indulge or at least entice than on fearless and bold interior inspiration. Given the right bare basics, freedom and fun certainly can run riot.

Creating the canvas is key; if your furniture and accessories are to be the main feature, keep floors and walls minimal.  In contrast, accent walls and floors require simple furnishings that blend and enhance the overall look.

Designer Herve Van der Straeten’s living space, featured in Interiors Digital magazine epitomises this fun house vibe. While Interior Designer Robert Passal also captures this bold and beautiful vision by balancing bold colours with soft textures and hand painted walls.

Decorum Est’s range of specialist paint effects are ideal for an indulgent yet neutral canvas.  For an accent wall or floor however, look no further than our pietra dura collection for your very own work of art using traditional techniques. Alternatively our houndstooth collection has the ability to revive any space, available in an array of colours.

Decorum dare you: Pair a monochrome statement floor in pietra dura with mustard coloured walls and gold, chunky accessories, guaranteed to put the ‘hello’ back into hallway.