Metallic tiles

Patterned Floors

As the luxury goods market continues to grow, so too does our desire for the highly crafted, opulent and unique. With the demand for hand-painted decorative floors increasing by the brush stroke, designers and studios are creating a whole host of inspired designs, accessible even for the most austere of homeowners. Never has the term ‘don’t look down’ been more offensive!

Balance is key when it comes to mastering this trend, but executed well these bold prints and muted neutrals culminate in show stopping spaces that stand the test of time.

For a neutral base laced with charm, look no further than our Ottoman hand-painted limestone, perfect for a large hallway or dining room. Our hand-painted Angel Floor is another exquisite design, available in an array of motifs and hues that can be complimented and contrasted with surrounding furnishings.

Decorum Est’s Marble and brass floor seductively surrenders to warmer climates and creates a stunning focal point in any given space. If bold and contemporary statement floors are the order of your day, our Moderne Collection of lemon sole tiles takes the art of multi-tasking in its stride, combining bold metallic designs with highly durable properties.

With Decorum Est’s vast range of statement floors available, from our Hand-painted Collection to the Moderne Collection, it has never been easier to pave your way to a desirable and dynamic living space.

Decorum Dare You: Partner a bold statement floor in petrol blue against a bevy of black furnishings. Finish with silver accessories from velvet cushions to antique picture frames.