Statement Floors


For centuries, geometry has held a fighting force in classic and contemporary tile designs. Take the most basic of living spaces drowning in a world of magnolia, add a bold statement floor and 'voila', interest and intrigue are quite simply lying provocatively beneath your feet.

Decorum Est's classic take on geometry comes in the form of painted limestone for its divine rhomboid flooring, creating an incredibly luxurious ambience. For a bold, geometrical accent, take a look at our casbah coconut white shell tiles proven to stand the test of time. Our Roman mosaic Ostia is also an elegant tribute to this historical decorative method. For a more contemporary take on geometry, our plaster collection of three- dimensional designs are perfect for accent walls or commercial spaces.

Decorum dare you: When it comes to statement floors, never be afraid of bold designs.  If you are using a geometric print, select furniture of a similar tone to enhance the design and create drama.