A Master class in Monochrome

Much like a classic black and white movie on a rainy day, our love affair with monochrome never fails to convey effortless style and glamour.

Like all timeless classics, this sophisticated fashion trend translates beautifully into interior design. Whether the room is a nostalgic tribute to a glamorous era gone by or creates an audacious, modern statement, this classic colour palette of black and white allows you to be as bold or subtle as you wish.

Decorum’s take on this dynamic duo comes in an array of materials and designs.  Our Roman Ostia mosaic in black and white is an elegant tribute to this historical decorative method.  While our Ruffle and Fleur–de-lis monochrome tiles taken from our Pietra Dura Collection are a vision of beauty, perfect for either a fabulous statement floor, captivating table top or accent wall with a difference.

Decorum Dare you: Dramatise your space with a monochrome statement floor or accent wall, adorn and embellish with a dutiful scattering of bright coloured accessories, for a space that retains timeless style, with accessories that are as interchangeable as your mood.