Colour Block Christmas

Master the art of colour blocking this Christmas for a contemporary take on interior festive flair. From the humble hallway, to decadent dining room, striking materials and colour schemes can give each room a show-stopping display of seasonal sparkle.

Breathe life and warmth into a minimal and neutral hallway with the addition of seasonal greenery and natural textures.  Weave fir garlands adorned with cinnamon sticks and dried lotus flowers around the stair banister for a crisp and timeless statement. Suspend festive wreaths from the ceiling dripping in woven decorations to create a rustic and enchanting entrance. For an opulent finish underfoot, Decorum Est’s hand-painted limestone Angel floor is the perfect accompaniment to a neutral colour scheme and is a timeless and elegant talking point.

Ruby reds are a must-have splash of colour for any Christmas living room. Create interest and intrigue with bold patterns and accessories in velvet, glass and soft silver metallics. A festive fireplace is the ultimate focal point in any living space, but for a fireplace with a difference all year round, look no further than our highly stylised Sunset marble panels taken from The Hollywood Collection. This feminine and romantic design dazzles against a roaring fire or a bright and sunny day.

When it comes to dressing the dining room, take a break from tradition and create a stylish and dramatic scheme of blue, white and silver. Douse walls in a decadent midnight blue, drape crisp white linen over the table and embellish with silver candle sticks, baubles and a myriad of crystal.  For a striking focal point any time of year, look no further than Decorum Est’s slumped glass panelling in silver, the ultimate indulgence in interior accents.

Decorum Dare you: Contrast rich coppers and tones of platinum with a host of festive foliage in the master bedroom. Suspend thick garlands from the ceiling dripping in bronze and gold decorations above a bevy of sumptuous bedding of silk, velvet and cashmere.



Statement Floors


For centuries, geometry has held a fighting force in classic and contemporary tile designs. Take the most basic of living spaces drowning in a world of magnolia, add a bold statement floor and 'voila', interest and intrigue are quite simply lying provocatively beneath your feet.

Decorum Est's classic take on geometry comes in the form of painted limestone for its divine rhomboid flooring, creating an incredibly luxurious ambience. For a bold, geometrical accent, take a look at our casbah coconut white shell tiles proven to stand the test of time. Our Roman mosaic Ostia is also an elegant tribute to this historical decorative method. For a more contemporary take on geometry, our plaster collection of three- dimensional designs are perfect for accent walls or commercial spaces.

Decorum dare you: When it comes to statement floors, never be afraid of bold designs.  If you are using a geometric print, select furniture of a similar tone to enhance the design and create drama. 

Small Spaces, Big Aspirations


Translating full-blown interior design schemes into small spaces can be challenging, however with the right combination of clever storage solutions and proportionate furniture, balance can be retained without necessarily having to shy away from colour, pattern and personality.

Hide a multitude of sins behind clever storage solutions that also masquerade as feature walls. Think painted wall panelling in warm neutral colours or mirrored accents.  Decorum Est’s bespoke eglomise panels are ideal for wardrobe doors, as they can hide a barrage of clutter whilst creating an opulent and light reflecting feature. In keeping with this element of luxury, marble flooring is another great way to evoke feelings of space. Look no further than Decorum Est’s collection of Italian marble in an exquisite range of tones and styles to compliment any surface.

When executed well, decorative shelving can be both practical and compelling. Create a bookcase beneath the stairs, or strategically place a collection of shelves in a bathroom or bedroom area, laden with beautiful perfume bottles and beauty essentials. Decorum Est's Contemporary Ceramic tiles are ideal for worktops, alternatively select a variation of metallic colours from this collection to create an eye-catching wall feature of ceramic display shelves

Decorum Dare You: For a limited living space, introduce colour and personality through furnishings and accessories. A dramatic use of geometric patterns teamed with modern furniture creates a playful yet sophisticated effect. Select small occasional tables with patterned surfaces and scatter between dainty armchairs in plush fabrics.