The quest for a glowing complexion is an ongoing and tedious trial, however when it comes to interiors this look is easily achievable with the right kind of products and finishes.  Pearly sheens create sumptuous settings and fill dark and often gloomy spaces with light thanks to their iridescent properties. 

Marble and mosaic work their magic in the bathroom spaces above, epitomizing this warm and sunny after glow. By keeping accessories to a minimum, the surfaces take centre stage, enchanting and inviting.

Perfect for bathrooms and hallways, our selection of shell tiles dutifully work their magic enhancing light while adding an element of romance and intrigue to any given space.  In addition to our shell collection, our vast range of marble is ideal for any living space, from kitchens and bathrooms to bedrooms and reception areas. Our marble tiles are custom made to your every requirement for an indulgent show-stopping look or luxurious, neutral canvas.

Decorum dare you: Team iridescent wall tiles with metallic accessories of either bronze, platinum or silver that exude light and warmth for a heavenly haven your guests will never want to leave.