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Middle Eastern and Asian architecture and design has always heavily influenced the interior design world. These deep-rooted cultural elements permeate into all aspects of interior inspiration, combining intricate designs with rich colour palettes, in a variety of sumptuous textures.

The key to executing this design trend lies firmly in the finishing touches.  Vibrant colours inspired by the tropical landscapes and rich sunsets are laced with gold and silver embellishments. Muted, neutral walls are sharply contrasted with dazzling feature walls, ceramic hand painted floors and draped in an abundance of contrasting fabrics.

This lavish union of colour and texture is a formula we strive to emulate in many of our designs at Decorum Est, while still remaining faithful to traditional handcrafted techniques during the design process.  Our jali screens are available in array of finishes from painted glass, to marble and black limestone and effortlessly create a real sense of drama and allure in any given space.

For a touch of opulence, our marble and brass floor tiles are heavily inspired by Arabesque motifs and are a welcome vision to any entrance hall or orangery. For the embellishment of furniture, look no further than our shell collection of exquisite tiles, ideal for large frames as well as iridescent feature walls and stunning countertops.

Decorum Dare You: Smother sofas and chairs in fabrics of rich copper tones from olive green to burnt orange. Place statement pieces of furniture finished in gold and bronze beneath a textured marble floor and drench any open spaces with an abundance of luscious foliage for a space that indulgently and seductively brings the outside in.