In our most recent collaboration, we are saying goodbye to boring timber tables and dull glass tabletops, and hello to surfaces with sex appeal. Together with Casa Botelho, we have designed a collection that celebrates material, texture and sensuality.

Surfaces are an extremely large part of an interior, and therefore have the greatest effect on the way our home looks and feels. Surfaces provide a visual, as well as a tactile experience for those using the space, and so should be chosen with care and an intent to impress.

When coupled and contrasted correctly, surfaces can introduce texture, intrigue and opulence, converting a bathroom into a personal sanctuary and transforming a foyer into a grand entrance. Together with Casa Botelho we are uniting the artistry of surfaces and the architecture of furniture design, to craft seductive statements for your home.

In our newest collaboration, you’ll see a range of our fabulous surfaces featured on coffee tables, side tables and consoles designed by Casa Botelho.